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lapd officer. and we are live in pebble beach this morning, we will take you there next. how cold will those temperatures get, i have that coming up in two minutes.
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. good morning, we are following breaking news a manhunt is underway for a former lapd police officers shooting three police officers. a roof collapses while firefighters try to battle an early morning fire and we will tell you if there are any early morning victims. . good morning we are live down here for the pebble beach pro golf tournament, we will tell you more coming up. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning welcome to february 7th, i am dave
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clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook. steve is here to tell us if it's going to get cold. we have gone about five weeks without hardly any rain and there is some but a little snow mix, look for a mostly cloudy day, off and on sun, highs only in the 50s today, here is sal. good morning, we are looking at highway 4, there are no major problems there although it is getting noticeably crowded. let's move along and look at interstate 880 in oakland, 6:01 let's go back to the desk. we have an update on the braking news we first told you about, a lapd former police officer is accused of shooting three officers during the night and one of those officers has died. brian flores said the suspect
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is a former lapd officer and reportedly he is out for revenge. >> yes, that's right and the situation is changing. three officers have been shot overnight and they may be tied into a double homicide. now police are on the manhunt for christopher doerner. you can see him there, he is a former lapd police officer and he is accused of killing one officer. she is a former basketball coach and her father is randy want, a former lapd captain. keith lawrence is reportedly a service officer in southern california and it is believed doerner wrote a lengthy manifesto online of why he shot both victims and what he would do to lapd police officers. he was fired some time ago but he blames randy for being terminated. this is believed to be his last known address and this is in
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riverside county believed to be the corona area. when police officers drove up he opened fire and one lapd officer was killed and another one is in surgery in critical condition after receiving a graze wound. it should be known doerner served in afghanistan and he is a sniper and some of his manifesto is graphic. he plans on doing, a symmetrical warfare and lapd police officer are on high alert and those specific officers who are targeted as well as the police chief are under guarded protection. we will have more information as it becomes available inside the ktvu channel 2 morning news room. we are following information into an early morning house fire.
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a traffic camera took pictures of the fire just moments after it started. here is more from the rose garden neighborhood. >> reporter: the fire is out and work crews just finished putting on the boards and even though the house is still standing there is extensive smoke damage throughout the floors and the roof. about 25 firefighters arrived and found the heaviest flames were in the back of the house in the kitchen. the fire was so intense that the roof collapsed and burned holes in the floor. firefighters had to fight the fire from the outside. >> we had multiple calls of a house on fire, small house, about 1,000 square feet in the back of the house, folks pulled up a line and we were able to knock the fire down in about 15 minutes. >> now this all happened 1:30
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this morning and nobody was home at the time but neighbors say people used to live here but moved out because there was termite damage that needed to be fixed. i tried to speak with them and they were just too upset and this fire is under investigation so they are trying to figure out what caused it but it's just very fortunate nobody was living here at the time. at one point, the houses adjacent to this home were threatened and coming up on mornings on 2, we will tell you what neighbors had to say about that. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:05 for the first time san francisco police are naming a person of interest in the disappearance of kevin collins almost ten years ago. they identified him as wayne jackson but he is also using
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other names including dan therrien. he has a history of kidnapping in san francisco before kevin collins disappeared and he fits the description of the person last seen talking to the little boy. san francisco mayor ed read delivers his state of the city address and he will focus on crime and the economy. a poll shows voters supporting tax hikes for city services and they want to restore salaries to police officers who took pay cuts due to budget shortfalls. happening now at famous pebble beach, golf lovers have a chance to get close and rubble bows -- rub elbows with their favorite movie stars. it is about to start in less
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than an hour, claudine wong has more. >> reporter: this is one of three courses being played in the pebble beach pro golf tournament. this is where all of your a- list celebrities, your best known golf professionals will be playing here and tee cup starts 8:30, and this is the best place that is lit right now. this course has only been part of tournament for a few years and they added it because it is special and it is owned by privately owned businesses. thanks for joining us. we were just saying how this is special because people done often get to see this, tell me what it is like to be part of this tournament?
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>> well, we are very proud of it because the proceeds go to local charities and last year we helped to generate $10 million to local charities and that's the most special thing of the tournament. >> reporter: phil mickelson says it was one of his favorite courses, what was it like -- what does it mean to have them here? >> well, this is a member owned club and they are very proud and pleased to have the tour here and have all eyes upon us in the golfing world. it is significant for the staff as well and very motivating and we are very proud to be here and it's a freight situation all around. -- great situation all around. the greens department is out there led by greens and grounds department and they are doing a wonderful job and we had some terrific comments who played
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golf and the course is in terrific shape. >> reporter: thanks so much for being here. good to see you. >> good to see you too. >> reporter: we expect people out here very early and we will talk about some of the celebrities, huey lewis, josh, phil mickelson and we will check in with all of them and keep things under wraps here in pebble beach, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> kind of a fun assignment down there, it looks like the weather is nice, 6:09 first, we check in with sal on traffic. >> dave, pam, good morning to you, we are looking at traffic getting busier and it's 6:00 on 880 westbound as you drive through and you can see there are no major problems and traffic is looking good but it is getting more crowded to be sure. also looking at the toll plaza, -- toll plaza once you get on to the bridge, it is an 8 to 10
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minute drive into san francisco, and checking out the livermore valley we have seen the drive time go up a little bit between the grant line exit and 680 is up to almost 30 minutes and it was less than that. no major problems after dublin getting over to caster valley, let's go to steve. understanding over the rain, kirk up in mendocino county and tony up in cod mountain, 7 / 10th of an inch of rain and so far no snow yet. ukiah is seeing some light rain, there is two parts to it and the first part will be here in the morning and there is not a lot of rain with it. then we get a break which is right there, here comes the cold air, that will swing in and give us more of a showery pattern. i am going to get over here so you can see this.
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this is a sign of things to come as the system moves through. here is your break and then comes the secondary system coming in tonight and that could bring more than the front. this will bring a little bit of snow to the sierra and today will be mostly cloudy and colder and we will bottom out on friday. good news, next week looks sunny and warmer and it looks like we could use more rain but we are not getting it. the front first and then the snow up in the sierra valley and we have a little bit of rain from 10:00 a.m. this morning to 10:00 a.m. tomorrow. mostly cloudy today and a little bit breezy at times in advance of front and tomorrow the cold air comes in. lows and temperatures staying down and cold air should take us to friday and it looks good, saturday and sunday morning will be cold. >> thank you steve.
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6:11 is the time eliminating seats, the new plan for oakland coliseum and why the team says it will make things better. she was killed and the petition to make things public secret closed door hearings about levy. >> he was able to he can tract it shall -- extract it from the u.s. drones and we have information on the head of the cia.
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. welcome back. we are listening in to president barack obama. >> didn't mock as -- for a don't mock as i as big -- don't mock as i as big as ours, whether we are leaders in government business or spreading the word, we suspend our days with open hearts and only minds to seek out the truth and to find the common ground that allows for us as a nation for people to take real and meaningful action and we
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have to do that humbly for nobody can know the full and encompassing mind of god. >> this is president barack obama and after this he goes to virginia to talk at their annual retreat and we are going to have more, we are listening in and we will have more comments coming up in our newscast. he will be urging us to stand united facing gun control. cia faces questions after working for the cia for 25 years. they want to question brennan from water boarding to the use
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of armed drone strikes on suspected terrorists. they are video footage from a captured u.s. drone plane. you are trying to confirm this report, kyla? >> reporter: at this point members say they cannot confirm or they are not confirming whether or not iran is awe then kateing that -- authenti authentic kateing that drone. it is a city possibly a u.s. drone base in kandahar afghanistan. they will get their hands on a classified memo unveiling how u.s. drones are used overseas. two americans were targeted in 2011 but the white house says those two were working for al qaeda and the drone strikes are legal and aimed at preventing
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attacks. >> the u.s. drones are designed specifically to avoid civilian casualties. >> reporter: more on the specific questions we are asking the department of defense to answer, more on that when i see you next. kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they want to look into the specific hearings of levy. her body was found in a washington d.c. park and hearings have been going on behind closed doors and investigators are looking into whether an illegal immigrant convicted of killing her may be innocent. another hearing is scheduled to take place in washington d.c. but they are petitioning the court to open the procedures. jimmy lee dykes was killed in a fire fight on monday when authorities stormed an underground bunker to free the
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little boy. they found two explosive devices following the raid and evidence is still being gathered at the suspect's 100- acre property and no more explosives have been found so far. man is accused of killing a teen and wounding another in the bay area city of pittsburgh. robert short junior was accused of shooting the teenagers following an earlier fight. police say he was on felony probation at the time and bail is set at $1 million. they can avoid blackouts by reduced seating and raiders say they are reducing seating capacity at the coliseum by almost 10,000. they plan to block off the third deck in what is called mt. davis. they say that will make sure they have a sellout so that local games can be broadcast on
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television. sal is checking in on contra costa, how is it looking so far this morning? >> it is getting busier and westbound highway 4, you will see more slowed traffic coming on to the willow pass grade with no major issues and if you are driving on to 680 nearby you will see some traffic moving south. let's move on to the bay bridge toll plaza, that is about an 8 minute delay before you make it to the metering lights. we are looking at the bay shore freeway, highway 101 and it is looking good northbound 101 near the airport there could be a stalled big-rig. it looks good on all freeways and from hayward to fremont from 238 to maury, that is as good as it is going to get and it may double traffic time.
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6:21 let's go to steve. cloudy with light rain to the north, joanne in ross and marin county, information from ross, some drizzle, heavy to moderate rain, our system does not have much. has two pieces to it, the first one is coming in right now. it will spread from napa county to sonoma county and there is not a lot with this system. 30s are disappearing and there is cloud cover in the north and southeast winds is raising temperatures. there will be a break coming in late morning early afternoon and the secondary piece of the system will swing in the colder air. winter weather advisory for the sierra starts tonight, brings two to six inches of snow. and the morning low will be 2 to 5 degrees and at least they
6:24 am
are getting some fresh snow and we are getting a little bit of rain. 50s on the temperatures and it's going to stay cool to cold. tomorrow is when the cold air arrives and then the weekend looks good but it will be windy and chilly saturday. then sunny and warmer weather carries us to next week. thank you, steve. fewer people filed for first time unemployment insurance, 33 6,000 people filed for unemployment and that's down 5,000 from the week before and it shows people are continuing to hire new workers at a modest rate. scientists are watching the sky for a reason, what nasa is talking about a closed encounter with earth which may happen next week. there is a driver trapped inside, how he got there and the delicate operation to get
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. take a look at this delicate rescue. firefighters had to rescue a
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car who became suspended between two buildings. he hit the accelerator inside a parking garage and crashed into a medical building across the way. emergency crews had to stabilize the car before rescuing the driver. the man was taken to the hospital but he was not seriously hurt. two of the four ferries are out due to mechanical problems or routine maintenance. 1400 people take that ferry to san francisco every day. a small asteroid is expected to wiz passed earth and it is expected to fly close to earth on february 15th. the asteroid is 150 feet in diameter and they say there is no chance the asker road is on a -- asteroid is on a collision
6:29 am
course with earth, we'll see if that changes during a conference today. how is traffic, sal? i think you will like it, we have not had a lot of accidents or stalled vehicles which is good. it is still looking good getting up to cupertino and if you are driving on the sunole grade between fremont and san jose is off to a good start. let go to steve. you are probably going to stay dry and in the north bay things are starting to pick up and there has been decent rain in napa and santa rosa but it is going to be very cool, mostly cloudy and colder with some rain, pam. fast moving flames destroyed a south bay home, we will hear from investigators and neighbors. they are tracking the latest information coming from
6:30 am
southern california for a man who is wanted for a double homicide in gunning down three police officers early this morning.
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. there it's right on time the opening bell, that is the chinese general celebrating the new year and it runs two weeks and givens next sunday. and -- begins next sunday. we get to ride in a cable car, all of our viewers will be watching. it is right around the corner. we will smile and say good morning to you, it is thursday, february 7th, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook,
6:33 am
it is 6:30 testimony. the we have new information on that police manhunt and it's happening right now, an ex- police officer suspected of shooting his girlfriend and her fiance. what just happened? >> dave, this is the latest i got and i will read this verbatim. we understand three officers have been shot and we reported on that and two newton station officers were on security at the time in the same area they were also involved in the shooting overnight and police say they were not hurt but right now police are on a very dangerous manhunt for this very dangerous suspect. we want to go to new video where police are looking for the suspect he is 33-year-old christopher doerner. it is believed to be the corona area where he is last known to live. police received a tip his truck
6:34 am
may be in the area and they swarmed to this location and when they did, doerner allegedly shot three officers and one from this morning is dead and one officer is in surgery in critical condition and we do not know the condition of the third officer. now this is a new picture of the suspect and again this is doerner, he is 6-foot tall, 270 pounds, former lapd police officer and from what we understand he was fired from the police department and he was want for something else originally. she is the daughter of a former police captain and a second victim is her feasance say, -- fiance at usc. he talks about his frustration with the lapd and he said he plans on doing warfare with
6:35 am
anybody in an lapd uniform and anybody in that manifesto he claims the chief captain for firing him. we understand freeways are affected on this manhunt especially a long interstate 15 and we will have more coming into the newsroom and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. they are looking into the cause of an early morning house fire. we have a video of it just moments after it started and janine de la vega has more information about this fire. >> reporter: well the fire has been out for hours and i just took a few steps towards the house and i can smell smoke and there is smoke decay and holes are in the floor and windows are all boarded up and
6:36 am
neighbors say the house was delapidated and contractors had been working on it. here is a video taken earlier, it broke out just before 1:30 a.m. firefighters initially didn't know nobody lived here and they entered looking for victims and they told them the house was vacant. it took firefighters about an hour and a half to get it under control and the fire came very close to neighboring homes. >> we are a pretty tight knit neighborhood and we look out for each other and they build these houses right to the property line so in the case of a fire everything is threatened. >> reporter: firefighters confirmed the heaviest flames were in the kitchen area so it could be the point of origin. the fire in this house is still under investigation and neighbors did arrive, and the
6:37 am
owners were here and i approached them and they were too upset to talk on camera, you can imagine it was not news they wanted to wake up to. we will have more reaction from neighbors and what they thought was happening when they started hearing all the fire trucks. reporting live from san jose ktvu channel 2 morning news. police are helping the fbi investigate the killing of genelle conway allen. the death of genelle conway allen was a homicide but they are still not saying how she died. her body was found in allenwood parkings the day after she was reported missing. a community vigil is planned for tomorrow night. investigators in sonoma county have found out about a botched homicide deal. they found the body of three men who had been shot and killed. the men came to the home to buy a large amount of marijuana and
6:38 am
the drug deal ended in deadly gunfire. one victim was a sonoma county native and the other two were from out of state. sheriff's deputies are still searching for their killers. new england is bracing for what could be a historic snowstorm. in rhode island they are stocking up on emergency supplies. it is expected to merge with another storm over new england and that pure full system will produce high -- powerful system will produce as much as two feet of snow and high winds. >> get your shovels ready, make sure you have enough heating fuel for at least a week. >> ironically the winter storm is expected to hit 30 days after the blizzard of 19 --
6:39 am
blizzard of 1978. that storm crippled the northeast and killed 100 people. meanwhile the big blizzard is expected to cause problems in air travel. cancellations are possible over the next few days. most airlines are allowing people to reschedule without having to pay an extra rebooking fee. some rain and cold air is on the way to the bay area. coming up, why water officials say we could use a few more storms this season. democrats in the house of representatives will unveil their ideas for reducing gun violence and it's similar to president barack obama. it includes banning assault weapons, banning high capacity magazines with ammunition, background checks and it also measures to prohibit gun trafficking. right here, on the richmond san rafael bridge, traffic delays are coming beginning at
6:40 am
8:00 tomorrow night. one lane will be closed on westbound interstate 880 before the toll plaza and caltrans has single lane closures through march 5th which could cause delays by up to 15 minutes. and you can actually walk on the eastern span of the bay bridge before you even drive on it. they are thinking about hosting a big party over the labor day weekend which would allow you to publicly walk on that bridge. there is also talk about a marathon, a concert is and fireworks show. it will be free but you have to sign up in advance to get a ticket. it is open to traffic september 3rd, right after the labor day weekend. >> sal and i were talking about allowing people to walk on the bridge, it was the 50th anniversary, the golden gate bridge and then 205 years later they said it was a bad idea. but on the bay bridge, it is
6:41 am
different construction on that bridge, it's going to be a cool event, let me tell you. that is editorial comment let's go back to the news of traffic. westbound highway 4 coming up here is slow coming through bay point and pittsburgh and as you drive to 680 it is slow from pleasant hill to walnut creek as you drive to the denville area and most of it is slow in pockets. bay bridge toll plaza, you will see traffic backed up for about a ten minute delay and no major problems getting on to the bay bridge. this morning we are looking at the dumbarton and bay bridge and when you get over to the peninsular it has been good on 101 incase you are trying to catch a flight. let's go to steve. mostly cloudy skies, shannon said big drops in mendocino, lake county, decent rain, okay rain, some light
6:42 am
rain foreman county -- for marin county, a little bit of a mix and there are no reports of geysers, but tony will keep us updated. i appreciate that. if you have travel plans for boston or new york, you may want to get out and there will be snow in parts of michigan and it will interact with parts of the deep south. they are talking about a possibility of three feet of snow friday to saturday, so i mean seriously if you have plans back there, they may be altered either go earlier or later. here is our system, there is two parts and the second part will come later on. lie rain until the early afternoon and then comes the secondary system. that has colder air and that has more potential through tonight into tomorrow morning for giving us more rain.
6:43 am
napa is undue to cloud cover, the cold air coming in and two parts of the system and the secondary is up in the sierra nevada until 10:00 a.m. tomorrow and not a lot of snow. they will get six inches of snow and lows will be in the single digits. highs after friday sunny and warmer each day. >> all right, steve, time now 6:41, a bay area police officer arrested a man who escaped even though he was handcuffed. they are getting ready for the national pro golf tournament. we will tell you why this is not just tournament for golf fans. we have some slow traffic crossing the valley, we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. mostly cloudy definitely colder today, temperatures 50s and showers into tonight and tomorrow. welcome back steve, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, former lapd is the main suspect at this moment in the shootings
6:47 am
of three police officers overnight in riverside county. the suspect you can see in this picture, christopher doerner, also wanted for two other killings over the weekend. doerner implicated himself in the double homicide and threatened to kill the police in a double manifesto before the police shootings. he said he got it from a cia spy drone captured in 2011. this comes as the white house is leaving classified information about how the obama administration legally classifies armed zone strikes killing american sit -- drone strikes killing american citizens suspected of terrorism. it started at vacant house, the flames caused a lot of damage but nobody was hurt. san jose police are looking for a probation violater who escaped from officers while
6:48 am
being arrested. officers picked up anthony sanchez at 3:30 and because he is a large man, police say while they were doing paperwork, sanchez maneuvered the handcuffs, hopped into the driver seat of a police van and took off. >> he was wanted for parole violations, are you worried? >> no, i have an aluminum bat. i think i can take care of us. >> he described as latino 5- foot 8 inches tall weighing 275 pounds was last seen whering black -- wearing black sweats and a gray sweatshirt. we have a glimpse into the state of the city address and he will focus on crime, pension reform and the economy.
6:49 am
he will likely ask voters to pass a tax hike next year, the earliest it can appear on the ballot. >> we are optimistic, we are seeing good job growth and we have a lot of work to do but we have liabilities we still have to pay for and restore services. a new survey shows voters paying for city services and higher salaries for city workers who agreed to pay cuts due to budget shortfalls. >> we may see a little rain after a very dry january, water officials will see a lot of storms in march. the utility district said they had to release water to avoid flooding but since then, there has not been a drop making january the third dryest on
6:50 am
record. so far it has seen 24 inches of precipitation compared to 31 inches in all of last season. >> happening now, they are pairing up with movie stars, business executives and other sports figures and claudine wong is live from the pebble beach pro golf tournament, claudine wong has more. >> reporter: you can see the grounds crews are getting things at the country club and this is where the a-list golfers and celebrities will be and they refer to them as the most well-known names in hollywood and in sports. if you want to talk about starting a morning view like that, on sunday they will make the cut and they have been out
6:51 am
here all week and i want to show you video from the celebrity challenge yesterday when all the celebrities were out here raising money and having fun on the practice rounds. they do it every year as they build up to today and a lot of the pressure builds up to today. if you like hollywood you like josh and phil mickelson, you have andy roddick, rogers, jim harbaugh is confirmed to be here and he will be with matt cain. they talk about it as being serious because you have to be a good golfer to be part of this. >> everybody should have good rain gear, it is only golf so nobody will get hurt. >> it definitely changes. you are used to playing with your three idiot friends back on your course and now you are playing with all these people
6:52 am
who are expecting you to hit the golf ball, and what seems easy on your course is not as easy in front of a whole lot of people. but it's just a great -- it is getting the chance to come play at pebble beach is like a dream come true for me. >> reporter: yes, he is referring to it as a dream come true and this area monterey golf club is special and this is a lot of people's only chance to get a look at it. it will be a gorgeous day and we'll see the earlier tee times and those are big names too, you have jim harbaugh, matt cain and justin verlander at 8:00 and we will keep you updated coming up on mornings on 2 at the country club, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we want to go back to our
6:53 am
breaking news this morning, it is something we have been following since 4:30 in southern california, let's listen in for a moment. >> it is extremely tense, obviously we are calling it a manhunt and we are looking at all avenues to identify where he may be, where he may be going and when we do that, we are approaching it cautiously. >> could you walk us through where the officer's vehicles are and where it happened? >> right off north 15 you can tell it was immediately as we were making the turn off the freeway, that is when they were shot at. >> you have pictures on the overpass area, is that the... >> that is the suspect vehicle and it's not that far down off the east ramp. if you see a police unit flag
6:54 am
down the police unit, flag them down do not do anything outside of calling 911 immediately and give out the information, do not approach. >> let me ask you, lapd you are now more targets now than in a long time? >> it's extremely unusual that this many officers have been tar getted. there have -- targeted, there have been cases where people have been targeted. >> this is unprecedented, what kind of orders are you getting from the chief? >> i think most officers will be highly cautious of who follows them, who is around them and be cognizant of your surroundings. >> how do officers not only know they are in danger but
6:55 am
that their families may be targeted as well. >> is this a conversation you should be having with your family, be cognizant of who is following you and give that information. >> we have been getting thousands of messages of concerned parents, schools opened in this area today, will there be extra details? >> i don't know if you want to talk to an officer from corona for what measures they have in place. >> how does this affect your officers because this is somebody who is a former officer who has a big grudge on lapd based on his manifesto. >> obviously he has technical training and we will be highly cautious when we approach him as well but when it is one of our own targeting us, of course
6:56 am
it affects us. >> he may be watching but what would be a message to chris doerner if he is listening? >> we are out there and looking for him, we would hope he would give himself up and he has already created and caused havoc among or lapd family and we ask that he give himself up. >> could you describe what was his demeanor like, what happened? >> unfortunately we don't have that. the engagement was so quick and officers do not have a description of what chris doerner was wearing. >> doerner was followed and you were looking for him, you followed him and your officers ended up being on the other end of his rifle. >> it was just happenstance. they were flagged down and given information by a witness
6:57 am
that this mr. doerner was observed in such vehicle and that's when they started to follow him, they ran the license plate meaning it came back cold back at that vehicle and the officers made that turn which is when they started shooting at him. >> it is completely separate from this investigation. they were providing special detail for protection to individuals that were named on that manifesto. >> can you clarify a little bit more? >> we are listening live with an lapd, highway 15 in southern california, they are talking about an intense manhunt this morning, we are talking about it, they are searching for a man who is suspected of shooting three police officers overnight, the suspect is a former police officer. he also has apparently admitted in some sort of manifesto to
6:58 am
killing a former police chief's daughter and her feasance say and then in the -- fiance and we understand in the same area, two security guards were also shot at. they are not sure if this was related but certainly as it has been talked about in the police conference, this is a former police officer who they are looking for, so trained, armed -- >> and it is a revenge thing, he is going after police officers and he is skilled and trained as a sniper. >> certainly a lot of people are concerned and we will listen in and bring you any updates as we get them. we are learning about breaking news from vallejo, police are here at the scene of a home invasion and it happened at 4:00 this morning. pictures from chopper 2 on mcdougel street, we have a ktvu
6:59 am
channel 2 morning news crew on the scene and we have a live report coming up on mornings on 2. >> let's get a quick look at traffic. >> we have a car fire and they are responding. also on the bay bridge, it is busy but it is only backed up for about an 8 minute delay, let's go to steve. novato, santa rosa, highs will be in the 50s more on mornings on 2 coming up. the very latest on that home invasion, a news crew is headed right to that scene. we are following breaking news out of southern california, the manhunt for the man accused of shooting three lapd officer, we will be right back. -- lapd officers, we will be

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Us 10, Ktvu 9, Pebble 6, Southern California 5, Claudine Wong 5, San Francisco 5, U.s. 5, Lapd 4, Phil Mickelson 3, Sonoma 3, Christopher Doerner 3, Cia 3, Kevin Collins 2, Dave Clark 2, Matt Cain 2, Pam 2, Napa 2, Jim Harbaugh 2, Barack Obama 2, Mendocino 2
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